The WHY behind OwlBee There

OwlBee There was created to fill a void. I wanted to give my mom something she had lost. It was around the 3rd year anniversary of my little brother’s death (he was 19) when my mom called me so upset. She was distraught because she could no longer remember what his voice sounded like. She said it was gone, just like he was. This broke my heart. So, the search began. My husband and I started looking for videos that had his voice. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any. What we did find were other great memories with wonderful sounds buried on top of each other layer by layer. We learned we take the video on purpose, but rarely listen to it. The memories still flood our mind with visuals, but we do not take the time to find the video with sound.

Fast forward a few more years, around 5th year anniversary, a Facebook memory post popped up of my brothers 19th birthday party. This memory post was a 14 second video clip that captured him saying a word or two and his laughter. This is priceless. My entire family have this clip now saved and when one of us loses it, we share again. Through this journey, I learned importance of sound, how it can be lost, and how good it makes us feel when we hear a sound we cherish. I had to figure out a way to make hearing sounds we cherish easy.

Fast forward again to 2017, my father and my father-in-law died with months of each other. I found myself again wanting, needing to hear their voices. I researched, tested and started over until I could consistently play the same sound file whenever I wanted as many times I wanted.

Finally, 2018 OwlBee There was born; where jewelry & accessories collide with technology to become one. OwlBee There captures and preserves your special sound in every day wearable jewelry and accessories. Using your smartphone, you can replay your special sound whenever you want. Those priceless sounds are no longer buried under many layers of other sounds; they are at your fingertips whenever wherever you need them.

Our mission is to help everyone improve their emotional wellbeing, to smile more, and to provide comfort when needed, all discreetly. The beauty of OwlBee There pieces is that they look like a normal jewelry. No one will know your keychain, necklace or whatever is carrying something that helps you get through rough times or brings you immense joy unless you tell them.